rumor has it the original egyptian deck was created out of fear & urgency to preserve & pass along the knowledge gained from essential life lessons, presumably "after" life lessons as well. the highly spiritual during this time knew the end of their empire was on its way but how to save the lessons so that future humans can expand on this sacred knowledge ( expanding the human mind) ?  their enemies would try to destroy any obvious scripture, or manipulate history as all enemies do... so they turned to the lone wonderers. they could count on the wonderers to keep moving, not stoping no matter how difficult, they could count that they would come across many & touch the lives of some, they knew to the elite the lone will appear as fools, so their words wouldn't impact the non worthy. these protectors of the mind, stars & beyond created a deck of cards that they would later give to passing gypsies advising them to read people's fortune through the symbolic meaning behind the cards-- hell you could even make some coins. the protectors knew the nature of a curious human, always in search of answers, the cards would be their answer key. a lifetime & beyond in the cards, when the seekers intention is set, their journey is reviled, & perhaps not just their own but the journey of mankind itself.  no pressure or anything.