full moon in leo

the mind is represented by the moon & so beautiful of a spot for this, makes me feel like our brain/ natural instincts are truly giving in to the control of the night & the deep work that happens during it. this place feels wide open we see she gives herself up to the water, the emotion that comes from the stirrings of the moon's hold on these tides, yet the water is still? i believe it is cause the stirring is happening from within. it is now that the mind faces any self delusions we might have kept hidden under wraps out of fear of what it could mean to loose them as protection. we now try to find balance between who we want to be vs who we feel we have to be -- in public, to family, with lovers.. this realizion that there is a separation between these two brings our mind's eye down to our bodies, where we meet the hierophant. our outside selves face the world head on as he comes to represent what brings us down to earth & the atmosphere our bodies surround. a fitting yet uncomfortable place for this card as he is the pope & unfortunately the creator of the rules/ laws that are placed on us. the feeling of this earthly position feels strict & even tries to bring us to our knees. the body might not feel as free as the mind, almost like complete opposites. the hierophant, being a preacher, a teacher, what lessons does he bring? the lessons of course are rooted in spirit, as earthly obsessions take over this lesson is lost but our spirit is never gone. once we realize the yin & yang of our mind & body , we build deeper connections to our spirit. using the power of the hierophant to actually manifest who we feel we truly are / want to be into our reality will only loosen the grip the hierophant might have over ourselves & our earthly bodies. finally we can welcome our spirit with open arms as she is represented by the fearless power of the sun, a very special place here in this spread being the ruling planet of our leo moon 🌙 our spirit rises above the mind & body in the end, & continues when we do not even see. every now & then our spirit is actually visible as we see here with the sun shining down on us, sometimes it's just so hard to believe. its sad for humans how we try to tame our true selves, we've gone & fooled ourselves into believing we're above animals & nature -- making it that much harder to reveal this spirit. alas this is why the moon is so important here, the question that has come up : who you want to be vs who you have to be is actually as simple as : who you are vs who you aren't. the decision is made clear with the sun's light, you must pick who you are. the sweetest part of all is how the ones you fear of hurting will actually embrace you & feel liberated by your confidence. the rest -- the public, the hidden enemies , who do not embrace or exude warmth, they are not meant to know the true you just yet. hoping one day they will feel this warmth for themselves , you must say goodbye.