i've been under the impression that to be a mystic to be a healer to be the hunteress of the unknown you must have your shit pretty figured out, under control? -- yes. but i can't say i believe the shit is ever figured out, one thing is solved only to expose a new lesson to be learned. it just doesn't stop & one of my missions is to embrace this completely in order to comfortably accept & encourage the lessons to show themeselves. situations in life that are difficult to face become so easy to ignore, no matter all the signs your subconscious throws at you. fight or flight fight or flight? to flight is to run away, to keep us from facing the facts. the fact that it doesn't stop, it doesn't go away, it follows, until we can look it in the eye & speak our truth. the most powerful of weapons, words. the hardest thing to do, speak your truth, not "the" truth. what is your truth? what is mine? what freedom it must be, true freedom. the freedom of speech, this power is the ultimate one & like all power it must be treated with respect or else it can turn against you. so, much respect to the tongue & it's force.